Saddle chair Humantool

Your back needs motion and a good upright position. Back, shoulder and neck feel much better on Humantool saddlechair. Read more and order now!

Backrest Pilot Spot

Humantool Pilot Spot backrest brings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine. Read more and order.

Standing mat Balance Spot

On the standing mat Humantool Balance Spot Stand you stand helthier. It's flexible construction helps your body to stand longer. Price 119 €. Read more.

Balance board Skate board

Balance Board decreases fatigue and swelling of the feet and legs, by improving the circulation and metabolism. Read more.

Foot rest Foot Roller

Foot rest Humantool Foot Roller helps to relax or swing your legs. The natural swinging motion gets you feel as if you have been out walking. Read more!

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