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Ei kovin hyvä
from Anonymous on 05/09/2018
Hankala käyttää, liian korkea (tai sitten pöytä on liian matala) eli ei kovin käytännöllinen.
Great product, great service
from Anonymous on 31/07/2018
Bought the 'saddle' just before holiday time, so cannot really tell if it solves my back problems for good, but for now it does make my back feel better. Excellent service from the HumanTool employee: I mentioned that I was Dutch, living in Sweden, and I received the instructions in both Swedish and Dutch! Very thoughtful.
It's awesome!
from Anonymous on 15/07/2018
Great seat! I love how it makes my back feel and how portable it is. The only down side is with the way the seat is curved it tends to hurt my testicles after a while and since I use it at work it's difficult to discreatly readjust. But overall I love this seat.
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Carousel Rack for 5 Saddles Carousel Rack for 5 Saddles
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