Saddle Chair - 100 % wool (with base)

(•: Wool, red)

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Humantool Saddle chair transforms a traditional chair into a saddle chair improving ergonomics of sitting people. This Saddle chair is small and light so it can easily be moved from one chair to another and doesn’t take much place. Use it in the office and at home – on every chair.
Saddle Chair teaches its user the right, vigorous and upright position. Saddle´s ball construction makes the motion of the seat possible to all the directions. Swinging and balancing on the saddle activate the body and different muscles during the workday. The movement relieves tensions in the back, which are results of incorrect sitting posture or e.g. through sport activities. Also problems of shoulder and neck area are decreased by the improved position of the lower back.   

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Wool, red

Product variations
•: Black
158.00 €
•: Red
158.00 €
•: Blue
158.00 €
•: Pink
158.00 €
•: Turquoise
158.00 €
•: Rosa
158.00 €
•: Grey
158.00 €
Wool, grey
•: Wool, grey
158.00 €
Wool, light gray
•: Wool, light gray
158.00 €
Wool, red
•: Wool, red
158.00 €
Wool, blue
•: Wool, blue
158.00 €
Wool, green
•: Wool, green
158.00 €

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