Saddle Chair & Now a base for free

With Saddle chair Humantool your body gets movement and an uprigth position. Saddle chair suits for every chair. Order now!



1,620.00 kr
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Lumbar support backrest for car & belt

Lumbar support backrest for the car is ideally suitable into a drivers, airplane or office. Finally you drive without pain and ache. Straightens the spine and allows the back to move. Adjustable to fit with all kinds of seats. Quick fixing and releasing.

980.00 kr
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Standing mat Balance Spot

Balance Spot Standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a cellular structure. On this elastic and breathable base standing feels good.
1,200.00 kr
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New Balance Board Skate Board

Balance Board is an effective way for a person to maintain some healthy motion while standing. Order here!

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Extra Base for Saddle Chair

297.00 kr
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Saddle Chair - Free shipping around the world!

Lumbar support backrest for car  - Free shipping around the world!

Saddle chair, Back rest, Standing mat, Balance board from Humantool. The best ergonomics for office and home.