SADDLE CHAIR - what is it suitable for?

If you have back pain or neck pain you get help from Humantool saddle chair.  You get excellent upright posture and healthy movement.

Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness

With Humantool saddle chair you can take your hoppy to your everyday life. Weather it is Pilates, Yoga or Mindfulness. Pilates fans aim for the same as we do at Humantool - the natural and correct use of the body. Strengthening deep muscles and pelvic management are very important for the well-being of the whole body. If a neutral position is found, tension dissolves immediately and deep, relaxing breathing can be learned. Read more how to do this.

Back pain, neck pain, occupational health

Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain problems are common reasons for work absences. Humantool Saddle chair relieves these problems.

Back pain complaints belong to the most frequent health problems, therefore special attention should be given to treatment and prevention. Many of us sit on a chair the entire working day and during this static sitting posture the back does not receive the necessary exercise. With the help of a Humantool Saddle chair the back receives small pumping movements, whereby the blood circulation of the back is supported. Many professionals highly recommend the Humantool Balancing Saddle chair.


Research results

Research results: Sitting in balance reduces the likelihood of health problems!


With Humantool saddle chair the rider is able to train the important muscles also during the working day. Riding to your everyday life.