Frequently asked Questions


  •     Can I pay by Invoice?   A. Yes you can but you have to contact us
  •     How much does the shipment cost? A. Shipping is free around the world.

IF I DO NOT LIKE THE PRODUCT AND I WANT TO RETURN IT:    A: Contact us and we will calcutate the cost for returning.


  •     Which chair is suitable for the saddle?   A: As a rule, for all chairs, upholstered office chair or even sofa and hard, such as a wooden chair. You can put a hard pad on soft chairs and a soft felt pad on a hard chair.
  •     The BASE, can it be purchased separately?   A: Yes you can order it here >>
  •     I have back problems, is the product suitable for me too?  A. For normal small neck, shoulder or back pains, the saddle chair works very well. Movement is medicine and even a small movement activates small deep muscles that should support the spine. However, if you suspect more serious problems, we recommend that you find out if the product is suitable for you, for example with a health professional. You should use the products then only very small periods, eg 10 minutes at a time. By trying this way, you will listen to your body and no damage will occur.


  •     Is the backrest suitable for all cars? A. Yes
  •     I have a spoon-shaped part on the strap broken, what do I do?  A. Contact us and we will put it in an envelope to come.
  •     I have a strap drowned, what do I do? A. You can order a new one here >>


  •     Is the product broken, is it normal and is the warranty valid?  A. We have a two-year quarantee which covers mistakes on facture or material. If you do not remember when the product was purchased, you can send us a picture. Based on that, we usually see the time of manufacture. Our products are handmade in Finland and are usually very durable. We use only high quality materials.