Lumbar support backrest 3D for armchair and sofa

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Lumbar support backrest allows your back rest in a fully supported position while encouraging continuous, light motion. It has a viscoelastic Memory Foam cushioning with a weight balancing effect.




It is ideal for the use in a car, airplane or office chair and it is adjustable to fit with all kinds of seats.
It brings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine.
This upright posture serves to minimize strain in back, shoulders and neck.
Quick fixing and releasing. Box is including one belt – can be modified for a car or an office chair.  If you also need separate belts, please order those separately.
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Product Note Price
Lumbar support backrest for car & belt Lumbar support backrest for car & belt
98.00 €
Lumbar support backrest for office chair Lumbar support backrest for office chair
98.00 €
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