I giocatori di poker hanno trovato Humantool sella come la sua. Il vincitore si siede sempre in posizione verticale.

Poker players love Humantool saddle!


Poker professional Timothy Adams in Las Vegas PokerNews interview


The winners are sitting like winners! 

Canadian Poker professional Timothy Adams was giving an interview to PokerNews in LasVegas VSOP turnament
Here below you can see his clipping:           
Yoga, meditation, finess and overall well-being are the things that today's successful young poker players will appreciate and seek.  This poker generation has understood the importance of mental and physical well-being playing a prerequisite for success!
A few poker pro's thoughts: they were within the boys wondering what is the importance of the good posture to the self-assurance in live poker tournament.  Humantool also brings the player a little higher than the others seated at the table, which may also have a subconscious effect on the decisions made at the table.
Doesn't it sound funnyt: but so it just is!  Poker is a very comprehensive game, which requires much more than good matematic skills and nerves!
    Text: Hanna-Mari Tammes, Finland
Here is a video of my friend, Daniel talking about the Human Tool  (@ 54 seconds into the video) at a poker tournament in Malta a few months ago. :)   
      Best regards Tim