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Your saddle chair literally changed my life!
från på 2022-06-23
I wanted to thank you personaly because your saddle chair literally changed my life.

Before I was a dentist and now made a career shift to programming and both jobs share one thing: they destroy the spine!

Now I also added a kind of extension using foam material which made me able to use it for 12 hours straight as my job requires without seat bone discomfort.

The least thank you I can give you is to send you a photo of the extension, who knows could be a inspiration for your next product-add on.

Keep on changing the word.
Good product
från på 2022-03-10
It's great to be able to use a saddle seat on a normal kitchen chair. The seated position only raised a few cm with the low version, so it is fine for eating! The only improvement I can think of is that the surface of the round pad is a bit slippery on both under- and top side, so the seat doesn't stay in place very well.
sehr angenehm zu sitzen und sich zeitgleich etwas zu bewegen! Toll, da es einfach mitgenommen werden kann und somit mobil und auf beinahe jedem Stuhl und Boden gut zu nutzen ist!
från på 2022-02-14
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Extra Underlag för sadel (beställ inte om du belställer en sadel) Extra Underlag för sadel (beställ inte om du belställer en sadel)
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Hook for the saddle and standing mat Hook for the saddle and standing mat
92,00 kr
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