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Pilates fans and Humantool

Pilates fans aim for the same as we do at Humantool - the natural and correct use of the body. Strengthening deep muscles and pelvic management are very important for the well-being of the whole body. If a neutral position is found, tension dissolves immediately and deep, relaxing breathing can be learned.

The Humantool saddle chair is also ideal to use with Pilates - Pilates movements are easier and feel good on the saddle. It is always great to meet yoga and Pilates fans at different events, as our common interest lies in the human body, ingeniously endowed with its attractive functions and yet only well-understood by a few people. Usually disciples in this sector recognise ​​ deep muscles immediately when they sit on the Humantool saddle chair for the first time, while we others must discover these sleeping muscles step by step, peu à peu. If these muscles are stressed, they become stronger over time. The more frequently and regularly you use the Humantool saddle chair, the faster you get results. Many back problems are alleviated by the use of the saddle. Only a few Pilates fans have back problems – their muscles support a possibly weak spine.


A great meditation platform for yoga fans  Jooga harjoitteitta Humantool satulan päällä    Pilates harjoitteita Humantool satulalla Jooga Humantool satulan kanssa

At yoga events we receive great feedback on how one can meditate and practice for hours on end on the Humantool saddle. Yoga fans appreciate how easy the saddle chair is, for instance, to transport to the place of practice. The colour is also important for yoga fans – fortunately, the Humantool saddle chair is available in numerous colours. The Humantool saddle can be placed on a yoga block so that the legs can be placed under both sides without sitting on one´s legs – so the blood can circulate perfectly through the body.


MINDFULNESS  - the Humantool saddle chair as a support for the exercises  Mindfulness harjoitteita Humantool satulan avulla

It is easier to become conscious of the present on the Humantool saddle chair. Concentration and patience are not disturbed by problematic body postures. When the body is still, the mind also finds equilibrium more easily, and gradually one becomes aware that one´s mind is clearer. The ability to concentrate at work and in meetings is increased; innovations and interactions come more easily. When the neck is blocked, the brain is not adequately supplied with blood and nutrients and does not function properly.

The Humantool saddle chair can also be used for meetings and group work.


Humantool exercise program

You receive specially designed exercise instructions with your Humantool saddle. Wisely-used breaks with training in sitting are good for body and mind. These gentle Pilates-like movements work well throughout the day. Larger Zumba-like movements can also be performed during work. Stretch exercises, e.g. in the lower back area, are easy to perform with the saddle.

The body loves to function!

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