Balance Board Skate Board

Customer Reviews:

Balance board is an effective way to maintain some healthy motion and exercise while standing. The structure of the board is soft and quiet which enables natural, comfortable and easy use while working. Balancing minimizes the feeling of body weight, activates the deep muscles and boosts the consumption of energy. The Balance Board can be used with and without shoes. Standing on the board without shoes on feels natural and pleasant.
Product variations
Graphite gray / black edge
Väri: Graphite gray / black edge
158.00 €
Graphite gray / red edge
Väri: Graphite gray / red edge
158.00 €
Graphite gray / blue edge
Väri: Graphite gray / blue edge
158.00 €
Graphite gray / yellow edge
Väri: Graphite gray / yellow edge
158.00 €

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